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Thread Lift


In the case of a thread lift, the total time needed for the treatmentis about 1 hour.


Thread lift is performed under local anesthesia, or, if desired, under a twilight sleep.


Local ice should be applied for 2 days.


The next day.

Social activities

The patient can usually resume social activity the next day.


After 10 days.

Thread Lift

Thread Lift

A thread lift uses special threads with very fine barbs, placed under the fat tissue of the face; the entire face can then be lifted and smoothed. Sunken eyebrows return to their youthful position, the corners of the mouth no longer sag, and the mid-facial area retains its volume.  Thread lifting is recommended for lifting the chin and cheeks, corners of the mouth, nasolabial fold, midface, neck and eyebrows. Depending on the guest’s wishes, autologous fat or other fillers (hyaluronic acid or Sculptra®) can simultaneously be introduced.

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