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Facial rejuvenation


The duration of the procedure indicates how much time the guest must take into account for each treatment session.

In the case of a face lift, the total time needed for the treatment is about 3-4 hours.


All of our treatments are essentially painless. To ensure that our guest feels as little as possible, we induce a twilight sleep for larger procedures such as face lifts.


A compression bandage must be applied directly after the face lift and worn for one day; there will be significant swelling around the face during the first week. Swelling and bruising around the cheeks are quite normal – these will disappear within two to three weeks. In general, substances including alcohol, nicotine, and blood thinners such as aspirin should be avoided in the first few days after the operation. After 10-14 days, the stitches will be removed; the first phase of healing is now complete. Intense sunlight should be avoided for about three months following the face lift.


For a face lift, we recommend taking a holiday for 2-3 weeks.

Social activities

The guest can normally resume social activity 2-3 weeks after a face lift.


After 2-3 weeks, regular exercise can be resumed.

 Facial rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation

Over time, the skin loses its elasticity, and the underlying fat tissue slowly retreats. The development leads to excess skin tissue around the neck and chin, as well as the formation of deep wrinkles – around the lower eyelid, across the nasolabial fold and down to the neck.

Face lifts are among the most common treatments in plastic-cosmetic surgery. Discreet incisions are made starting at the hairline, extending – well hidden – across the natural folds around the ear, and ending within the hairs of the neck. The face lift may be accompanied simultaneously by a lifting of the forehead or a smoothing around the eyelids.

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