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In the case of an ear correction, the total time needed for the treatment is about 2 hours.


The pain is mild.  If you are an adult, the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia. It is likely that a child requires sedation or general anesthesia.

If the patient receives general anesthesia, he can not eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery or the morning of surgery.  The last meal the night before should be light.


A bandage will be applied directly after the ear correction in order to stabilize the ear’s new shape and prevent bleeding.  After about 10 days, the bandage is taken off and the sutures are removed. A headband must be worn over the following 4 weeks, in order to further stabilize the ear.


We recommend taking a holiday for 1-2 weeks.we recommend taking a holiday for 1 weeks.

Social activities

The guest can normally resume social activities 1-2 weeks after.


After 4 weeks.



The cartilage of the ears’ pinna is subtly reshaped from an incision hidden behind the ear, the outer contours of the ear can now be modeled into the desired shape. If both ears are not exactly symmetrical, this must be taken into account and balanced during the procedure. The incision is closed with very fine cosmetic stitches, a bandage stabilizes the new shape and prevents bleeding.   After about 10 days, the bandage is taken off and the sutures are removed. Because the ear is still sensitive, a headband should be worn at night for 4 weeks following the procedure, allowing the ear to stabilize. It will take about 6 months for the ear to become completely fixed in place and regain its original resilience.

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