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Cheeks / Bichectomy


This procedure takes 45 minutes.


The pain is mild.


Without special indications.



Social activities



In a week.

Cheeks / Bichectomy

Cheeks / Bichectomy

Being confronted with perfect feminine faces with firm cheeks and high cheekbones often makes us want to get rid of our chubby cheeks or enhance cheekbones that are too flat. If our cheeks are too hollow, we dream of pretty, toned and plump cheeks. Surgery and medicine can correct and alter their volume not only for purely aesthetic purposes but also to counterbalance the effects of age.  The face is like a painting and its contours the frame: if it changes, hollows out or loses shape, the canvas distends and wrinkles, and the whole image changes. A procedure on the cheeks and in the middle third of the face can restore volume, accentuate the cheekbones or redefine the contour.

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